Brenda On The Issues

property taxes

Property taxes are a burden on Nebraska residents and must be reduced.  As property taxes continue to rise, some families are finding it hard to budget and others cannot afford to purchase a home.  Brenda personally protested arbitrary increases in valuations that caused higher property taxes in 2015, 2017 and 2018,  and is currently in the process of protesting for 2019 and 2020.  Something needs to be done and Brenda is the one to fight for YOU!

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public safety

Brenda stands against defunding the police in Lincoln.  She strongly supports the Lincoln Police and the Lancaster County Sheriff's Department and is proud of the job they do in protecting those they serve.  Brenda supports the great community outreach of the Lincoln Police Department and the positive impact it has on our youth. 


Brenda will bring a strong fiscally conservative voice to the legislature to work with other Senators similarly committed to making real and meaningful tax relief a reality. In a post COVID19 budget Brenda will work hard to see it meets the needs of Nebraskans.  Now more than ever, Brenda feels it is important we work within our current budget. 

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economic development

To make sure our economy has a healthy recovery and growth, State lawmakers must be committed to creating a lower tax environment with reduced government regulations and red tape. It is important that Nebraska keeps its current businesses and workforce at the same time attracting new businesses and entrepreneurs.

prison overcrowding

Brenda believes prison overcrowding is something that needs to be addressed.  The prison system is filled with inmates that have offenses related to drug addition, alcohol abuse, homelessness, and petty crime with many being repeat offenders.  Many of these offenses are due to an underlying mental health illness that should be addressed.  To improve the quality of life of those with mental illness, help them become productive citizens, stop repeat offenders and to reduce prison overcrowding, they must have proper representation leading to necessary testing and treatment.

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2nd amendment rights

You know by design the Constitution was created to protect our God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To help us protect those rights, the founders established the 2nd Amendment.

Never has your right to keep and bear arms been more important or been under more attack than now.

Brenda is committed to fighting against red flag laws that allow the government to take your firearms without due process and she will fight for legislation that keeps local officials from making laws that limit your rights.

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Brenda is a true believer in that life begins at conception.  She will work hard for legislation that protects the precious undelivered children, stops tax payer's money from supporting clinics that perform abortions, and support clinics that provide alternatives to abortion.

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"It would be my honor to be YOUR voice in the Legislature on these important issues."

~ Brenda Bickford